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CGGA Overview

The Centre for Global Geostrategic Analysis aims to present and develop analysis grounded in the implications, both locally and globally, of the global struggle for dignity, freedom, popular sovereignty, independence, justice, respect for human beings and nature, while ultimately pointing the way to an alternative world to that imposed by imperial powers.

US Genocide in Iraq

The Centre for Global Geostrategic Analysis welcomes collaboration on shared visions — particularly as pertains to social and political struggle, and geostrategic analysis of unfolding dynamics of power. Occasionally we intend to issue calls for papers on selected subjects that will then form the base of CGGA publications.

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Focus on Iraq

Full Narration of Facts: Legal case for Iraq on US genocide

PRESS RELEASE For immediate distribution Date: 11 November 2013 FULL NARRATION OF FACTS US GENOCIDE IN IRAQ The following is the full “Narration of Facts”...


Iraq: State terrorism in Hawija

Please share and distribute Date: 23 April 2013 IRAQ: STATE TERRORISM IN HAWIJA The government of Iraq, installed under occupation and maintained after the US retreat,...


Support Iraqi protests!

PRESS RELEASE For immediate distribution Date: 20 February 2011 SUPPORT IRAQI PROTESTS! While millions across the world watched live 18 days of dramatic revolution...