CGGA Overview

The Centre for Global Geostrategic Analysis aims to present and develop analysis grounded in the implications, both locally and globally, of the global struggle for dignity, freedom, popular sovereignty, independence, justice, respect for human beings and nature, while ultimately pointing the way to an alternative world to that imposed by imperial powers.

US Genocide in Iraq

The Centre for Global Geostrategic Analysis emerged as an idea out of the collaboration of Ian Douglas, Abdul Ilah Albayaty and Hana Al Bayaty on Iraq, imperialism and Arab politics. As members of the Executive Committee of The BRussells Tribunal, the three developed positions and statements on the occupation of Iraq and its intended destruction, culminating in 2009 in a legal case filed under laws of universal jurisdiction in Spain against four US presidents and four UK prime ministers on charges of responsibility for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in Iraq. In this work, and by orientation, Douglas, Albayaty and Al Bayaty wished to bring out into relief struggles of the people amid imperialism, colonialism, occupation and war: to tell a strategic story, but not from within the remit of power, but rather against power — from the perspective of human life.

The Centre for Global Geostrategic Analysis remains an idea under development. For the time being, it hosts the writings of its three founding members, and in time will seek to ground and develop its alternate vision on global and regional geopolitics and geostrategic understanding.

Founding members

Abdul Ilah Albayaty is an Iraqi political analyst based in France. In Iraq in his youth, Albayaty played a leading role in the development of the national movement and has continued to inform its development through theoretical analysis and political positions.
Ian Douglas is a political writer and thinker whose main lines of concern centre on the modern State and power. Douglas has taught at universities in the US, UK, Egypt and Palestine and holds a PhD from the University of Bristol.
Hana Al Bayaty is a political activist and writer based in Egypt. Al Bayaty played a formative role in the development of The BRussells Tribunal, the opening session of the World Tribunal on Iraq, and is a documentary filmmaker and partner in Egypt’s Cimatheque collective.

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