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Full Narration of Facts: Legal case for Iraq on US genocide

PRESS RELEASE For immediate distribution Date: 11 November 2013 FULL NARRATION OF FACTS US GENOCIDE IN IRAQ The following is the full “Narration of Facts”...


WikiLeaks Iraq war logs: Legal action is unavoidable

PRESS RELEASE For immediate distribution Date: 30 October 2010 WIKILEAKS IRAQ WAR LOGS: LEGAL ACTION IS UNAVOIDABLE To all victims of the US-UK invasion of Iraq...


Partition by census

PRESS RELEASE For immediate distribution Date: 12 October 2010 PARTITION BY CENSUS We, the undersigned, defending the right of Iraq to independence, sovereignty,...


Tasks and difficulties ahead of the Arab revolution

It is “le temps des cerises.”1 Since Mohamed Bouazizi’s tragic death in Tunisia, the same mechanism of popular uprisings has sparked to life across the Arab world, without exception, with all its pain and hope. The people use the same slogans repeated hundreds of times since a century: liberty, unity, social justice and Palestine is […]


Using Libya to abort the Arab Spring

We said on 18 January in our article “The Arab Spring of Democracy” that all Arab states share the same characteristics, and from this deduction that the same conditions will produce the same results. On 25 January, following the Tunisian revolution, the Egyptian uprising began. Since then, popular uprisings are spreading like wildfire in the […]


Egypt: Only democracy is legitimate

Beautiful are the rivers of people in the streets of Egypt. The Arab Spring of democracy has already brought to flower new practices of liberty in public space. The heroic, resolute, peaceful youth has offered more than 300 martyrs from among their ranks to secure for all Egyptians freedoms they themselves lacked. Standing firm in […]


The Arab Spring of democracy

The Tunisian uprising is nothing but the natural result of the failure of the globalisation model and the impasse affecting the entire world. Indeed, as soon as an economy opens up to foreign capital and one gives the local economy and services over to market forces, the state’s role is automatically undermined and remains only […]