For many years, the field of global strategic analysis has acted as an intellectual arm of the State and the international order of states. Centres for strategic research essentially became problem solvers for those in or serving government, outlining and pursuing avenues of research according to the strategic interests inherent in both the internal makeup of states, and an international balance controlled by imperial powers. This ideological orientation was left to be challenged by social movements.

Iraq and its people, in the last two decades, has been the most notable target of imperial agendas. In finding its contemporary history unfold amid the lived reality of the project of neoliberal globalization by force and those who oppose it, Iraq has also constituted the frontline of the struggle against a “new world order.” In responding to the aggression on Iraq, we found it necessary and just to defend the sovereignty of the people, and in a wider context understood that the resistance of the Iraqi people was one also for dignity and freedom against injustice and imperialism.

The year 2011 is a threshold in that struggle, marked by the uprising of the Arab people. The Centre for Global Geostrategic Analysis aims to present and develop analysis grounded in the implications both locally and globally of the uprising of the Arab people, and founded in the global struggle for dignity, freedom, popular sovereignty, independence, justice, respect for human beings and nature, while ultimately pointing the way to an alternative world to that imposed by imperial powers.

Headline analysis

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